Your European Travel Bag

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Your European Travel Bag
What do you need to take in your European Travel Bag? Read on and I’ll give you some useful tips.


Of course what clothing you take is dependent on what you plan on doing on your European vacation. Obviously, if you’re going to go mountain climbing or motor racing, you’ll need specialist clothing and equipment (and insurance too) but for a normal sight-seeing holiday this is what I recommend but first check the weather for where you’re going. If you’re going to both Northern and Southern Europe, you will find a huge range of temperatures.

Comfortable Shoes

This is probably the most important item; whether you’re going to ramble round Roman remains or walk city streets, the right footwear can mean the difference between misery and enjoyment. Never take new shoes on vacation and don’t worry if they’re not that elegant!


Because of the temperature variations throughout Europe, I recommend layers; t-shirts and cotton shirts plus cardigans or sweaters plus a jacket or fleece. A plastic raincoat and hood which folds up into a small package would also be an advantage.

Jeans and cotton trousers or shorts are ok for most cities but check whether shorts are acceptable in religious establishments where heads and shoulders may also need to be covered.

If you intend going to the opera or ballet, formal evening wear may be needed.

“Liquids” in Hand Luggage

In Europe, liquids include face creams, toothpaste, ointments and anything similar. Currently, you are allowed no more than 100ml of each item. This does not mean that you can take a half empty 200ml tube of toothpaste; the container must be no more than 100ml. You will need a zip top bag of specific dimensions which are provided at some airports, but not at others. Check the dimensions before you travel.

You can take as much as you like in your hold luggage.

Electronic Items

Never put items of value in your hold baggage. A carry on case with a side pocket where you can put tablets, e-readers, etc. will prove convenient when you go through security as they can easily be whipped out to go through the scanner separately. The same goes for your plastic “liquids” bag.

You may want to take a camera as a lot of photography with a mobile phone can run the battery down pretty quickly. Don’t forget charging leads for everything.


Remember to ensure that you have enough of your prescription medication to last your trip and take the actual prescriptions too. Don’t forget that some drugs are banned in some countries so if in doubt, check.

In some European countries, such as Spain, you can buy a large number of “prescription” medications at a Pharmacy but that is definitely not the case in the UK.


In hotter climes, you will need a hat and sun protection as well as sun glasses as well as swimwear if you think you’ll have the time off from sightseeing.

Because of all the long journeys, don’t forget reading matter (an e-reader is ideal as you can load it up before you leave home) or puzzle books. Some airlines still don’t allow the use of anything electronic on take-off or landing, even if it has an aeroplane setting so good old-fashioned paper may be useful.

Note these tips and your European Travel Bag will contain all the right things for an enjoyable trip.

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