Romantic European Cities – Vienna Austria

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Romantic European Cities - Vienna Austria

Romantic European Cities – Vienna Austria

Romantic European Cities – Vienna Austria

On the banks of the Danube river, Vienna and its population of about 2 million, people bask proudly in their cultural heritage.

Vienna’s romance with the arts goes back centuries and helped make it today, Austria’ leading tourist attraction.

A enchanting city, Vienna bears the characteristics of a capital steeped in history, perfectly contrasted by its modern day infrastructure.

A city of music, Vienna was home to several of history’s greatest composers. Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Strauss were all honoured to call Vienna their home.

Vienna’s musical heritage has been preserved to the present day. The Vienna Boys Choir is as popular as ever as well as the the Wiener Philharmoniker which continues to be a world class orchestra.

However it’s not all about classical music. Vienna boasts a lively nightlife that compares with the best, catering for all age groups.

Historically a city of culture, Vienna boasts lots of talents amongst its repertoire.                                                            No matter what time of year, you can be certain the city has plenty to offer it’s visitors.

A theatre break is always a satisfying experience; as is going to the cinema to see the latest movies, or just unwind and enjoy the very best of classical opera.                                                                                                                                        A huge selection of concerts and exhibitions are held during the year.

If you simply want to relax and watch the world go by then make a beeline for any of Vienna’s numerous coffee houses.
For those looking for something a little stronger, a browse through to one of the city’s wine taverns will have you relaxing in no time at all.

All through history, Vienna has embraced the world of art and proudly boasts a number of its very own renowned artists.

Through the centuries, kings as well as queens of Austria were enthusiastic art collectors, making Austria and Vienna especially a gold mine of fine art.

Most of these work of arts can be seen at the Museum of Fine Arts; a spectacular building exhibiting works from across the globe, and in particular those of its favourite sons.

Without a doubt, art and literary works feature predominately throughout Vienna’s history. Underground train stations created by Otto Wagner are classed as listed properties.

Wherever you stay in Vienna, historical sites are never far away, several dating back to medieval times.

Vienna is home to a number of palaces constructed for the Hapsburg family.                                                                  The Imperial Palace lies in the inner city, it was from here that the Hapsburgs ruled for 7 centuries.                            It was built in the early 13th century.

The Gothic chapel on the site is still open on Sundays for services. The Vienna Boys Choir sings here. The Palace is open for tours throughout the week.

The Gothic Cathedral of St. Stephens lies near the Imperial Palace. Building work on this ornate cathedral began in the 13th century and was finished in the 15th century.                                                                                                            The steeple of St. Stephens can be seen from all over the city.

Romantic European Cities - Vienna Austria - Schonbrunn Palace

Romantic European Cities – Vienna Austria – Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn Palace was constructed as a summer home for Empress Sisi. The grounds consist of a park, zoo and large labyrinth that are open to visitors along with an ornate, Baroque style palace.     There is a lot to see at this palace so you need to plan for a whole day here.

Set in stunning grounds, Belvedere Palace is a spectacular example of Viennese architecture.    Designed by the famous Baroque architect Von Hildebrandt, the wonderful palace was originally built for Prince Eugene of Savoy as a summer home.

Another place worth a visit is the Sigmund Freud Museum which is dedicated to the Father of Modern Psychology. It is run by the Sigmund Freud Society and traces the doctors life and work.

Apart from their love of the arts, the Viennese love to shop. Markets are scattered throughout Vienna however the most popular is the Naschmarkt.                                                                                                                                              Going back to the 16th century, everything from children’s shoes to fruit can be bought.                                                  If you can put up with the crowds, there are many bargains to be found.

Romantic European Cities - Vienna Austria - Fairground at Night

Romantic European Cities – Vienna Austria – Fairground at Night

Why not enjoy the fun and games at the Prater, Vienna’s biggest funfair.                                    However if the noise and the crowds become too much, getaway to the open fields or take a walk through the nearby forest and also relax with the wildlife.

For magnificent views of the city, head for the Danube Tower, known locally as the Concrete Needle.   The tower is more than 350 meters high; so with your head in the clouds, Vienna never looked so good.

The city has lots of hotels as well as other types of places to stay near the airport in surrounding areas.    There are hotels in every price|range.

The inner city is home to monuments and parks that are always popular visitor attractions.                                      Old, ornate churches can be discovered here along with other building such as Parliament, the University and also the Opera house.

When planning your visit, be aware that the majority of tourist attractions are shut on public holidays in the city. Practically all museums, palaces as well as many shops are closed on these days as well.

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