Hidden European Destinations – Rural Cyprus

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Typical Cypriot Village - Rural Cyprus

Typical Cypriot Village – Rural Cyprus

Hidden European Destinations – Rural Cyprus

This is a world besides the beaches and tourist hot spots.

Right here, classic villages, tiny remote painted churches, spectacular
views, forested mountain routes and a way of life that has
barely changed over the centuries, are simply waiting to be

Cyprus is rich in history, customs,cultures , flora, wildlife
and places of rate of interest.                                                                                                                        You can enjoy walking, cycling, bird watching,
sea or fresh water angling – there is so much to see, do and explore.

Cyprus enjoys a renowned reputation as a sun, beach and sea holiday
location, boasting all year round sunshine, blue skies as well as warm

However, this remarkable island has a lot more to offer.

Typical Church in Cyprus - Rural Cyprus

Typical Church in Cyprus – Rural Cyprus

Far from the normal tourist areas, the countryside has a 
wealth of traditional villages, vineyards and wineries,
little fresco painted churches, remote monasteries as well as cool shady forests.

Cyprus is a nature lovers paradise, where you can stroll for hours without
seeing anyone else.                                                                                                          In the springtime, fields of wild flowers stretch
as far as the eye can see, and a walk along a hillside trail will 
all of a sudden reveal a tiny church or an ancient venetian built bridge that
once a long while ago belonged to the route of an ancient camel train.

Around every corner is one more suprise.

Although the island of Cyprus is quite small, it has actually
hundreds of villages. 

A lot of which are no more than a few houses
constructed around a church, and a Kafeneio (The Coffee Bar), which most of the time,
also serves as the village shop, post office and is the main meeting place of the village.

This should be the first place you visit if you need help of any kind.

In the daytime the Kafeneio is where you will find the elderly men from the village come to relax, play a game of backgammon (locally known as “tavli”, or just put the world to rights.

or Cypriots life indicates nothing if there is not time to enjoy it. So, the
pace of life is sluggish and mild but is far from being dull.

In the more remote locations of the island, these villages have stayed
basically unchanged over time and the older residents still maintain
the traditional way of life of their forefathers.

You will probably still see donkeys making their way back from the fields, loaded with
firewood or maybe greenery for their family goats.

These village people are really family-orientated, warm hearted, friendly
and amazingly hospitable.

These stunning. picturesque traditional villages that are spread
throughout the island are now helping create “agrotourism” on the island.

Anyone that is seeking holiday accommodation away from the hustle and bustle of
a tourist resort, can choose to stay at a village house. 

These are generally very carefully restored homes that combine the
island’s traditional character with modern comforts.                                                                               

Village Taverna & Cyprus Meze - Rural Cyprus

Village Taverna & Cyprus Meze – Rural Cyprus

Choosing a village house gives you the opportunity to participate in traditional activities, to
eat in the village taverna’s and also enjoy the authentic hospitality of a rural community.

Staying in a village home is ideal for biologists, bird watchers, photographers,
walkers and all nature lovers in general.

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