Planning Your Trip To Paris

Planning Your Trip To Paris HONESTY AND THE 3 Hs OF PLANNING If you are planning a trip, you need to approach the planning process with honesty. This is true whether you are going to the United States of America or spending a few  days in Paris. If you are not honest with yourself, your […]

Planning Your Holiday to Paris

Planning Your Escape To Paris DESTINATION– CITY OF LIGHTS “Paris,” wrote author Henry James (1843-1916), “is the greatest temple every built to material joys and the lust of the eyes.” People arrive in Paris from all around the world. They come here for many reasons. The city is not merely a repository of museums.    […]

The Walking Trails of Cyprus – Akamas Area

The Walking Trails of Cyprus – Akamas Area Akamas is the Eastern most part of the three major flora zones of Europe, therefore the number of plant species found here runs up to 600 of which 35 are endemic. The variety of fauna is also impressive: 168 bird species, 12 mammals, 20 reptiles and butterfly […]

Dublin – Capital of Ireland – A cosmopolitan city

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and is located on the East coast. It is renowned for its Irish tradition and the friendly atmosphere that is created by the locals.  The Emerald Isle offers wonderful hospitality, complemented by its warm and friendly hosts. A cosmopolitan city, Dublin is rightly proud of its rich heritage, but also presents a modern face in keeping with contemporary culture.

Walking In Cyprus – On & Off The Beaten Track –

Walking In Cyprus On & Off The Beaten Track Take the path less followed with a guide book to walks in the Paphos region says Alix Norman. This is the book that will remind every expat why they first moved to Cyprus. It’s the book that will make locals fall back in love with their island and enchant tourists who visit our shores. It perfectly conveys what I first saw when I arrived twenty-odd years ago: an island of high blue skies, quiet seas and sweeping valleys sprinkled with secret churches; a landscape striped with the sun-drenched tracks that summon one up and on,into the richly forested hills..It makes you want to explore the hidden corners of our Mediterranean island, and gives you the wherewithal to do just that. Its title? On & Off The Beaten Track.

Hidden European Destinations – Rural Cyprus

Hidden European Destinations – Rural Cyprus This is a world besides the beaches and tourist hot spots. Right here, classic villages, tiny remote painted churches, spectacular views, forested mountain routes and a way of life that has barely changed over the centuries, are simply waiting to be discovered. Cyprus is rich in history, customs,cultures , […]

Romantic European Cities – Vienna Austria

Romantic European Cities – Vienna Austria On the banks of the Danube river, Vienna and its population of about 2 million, people bask proudly in their cultural heritage.Vienna’s romance with the arts goes back centuries and helped make it today, Austria’ leading tourist attraction.A enchanting city, Vienna bears the characteristics of a capital steeped in history, perfectly contrasted by its modern day infrastructure.

Get to Know LEFKARA (Larnaca District, Cyprus)

The village of Lefkara is situated at an altitude of 750 metres, South Easterly of the Troodos mountain. It could be said that Lefkara is situated in the heart of Cyprus, since it is located at a distance of just  50 kilometres away from Nicosia, 35 kilometres from Larnaca and 55 kilometres from Limassol. The dry and healthy climate, the hospitality of the people of Lefkara, the rare beauty of the landscape and the tradition of the embroidery craft, are only some of the reasons that attract thousands of people from all around the world to visit Lefkara.

Barcelona – A Guide To This Cosmopolitan City

Barcelona is one of my favourite cities in Europe. It has real vitality with many galleries and tourist attractions, Barcelona has it all. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, an self governing area in the south east of Spain. The city sits right on the Mediterranean coastline and the population is just under 5 million within the Provence of Barcelona.

Paphos – Cyprus’s Favourite Resort

Paphos : Cyprus’s Favourite Resort. When most people think of Cyprus, usually one of the first places that comes into their head is Paphos.